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Aluminium Die-casting Automatic System

The realization of automation in aluminium production line using the latest robot.Polishing up the competitiveness with total proposal in light of consistent system to the secondary processing.
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The reasons why customers to choose Sanmei Mechanical Inc.

1.Proposal to optimize total system in production line

A consistent production within our factory.
Proposal with a consistent concept and technology can be made as we have accumulated various know-how within our factory necessary to automation of die-casting machine. To take out products from mold release spray, and ingate cutting.

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2.Introduction results and evaluation in/out of domestic market

Development in a wide area /countries from Korea, China in Asia.
To North America, South America.
We are capable to deal with proposals, delivery, robot teaching.

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3.Capability to deal the automation in existing line and version-up

We can afford to deal with any brand of die-casting machine, robot & its version.
Realization of version-up of high efficiency and maintenance making the use of the existing line by proposals of full-order-made.
Capability of dealing with die-casting machine in various size and specification from big size to small size.

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4.Robot teaching to pick-up the needs at job site

We are capable of dealing with customer’s detailed requests with prompt by listening to the voices of engineers at job site in addition to motion design for finished products.

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5.Dealing with the automation by new technology in total system to secondary process

Trimming by manual by workers at job site, visual inspection after process. Making pre/after process total-automated by introducing new technology and development, contributing to production effeiciency and quality improvement.

  • Technology and Business Outline
  • Proposal Case

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