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Aluminium Die-casting Automatic System Technology and Business Outline

Our technology system and business outline in realization of automation aluminium die-casting

Technological System

Die-cast machine automatically equipments

Aluminium die-casting machine mold release spray equipment

This is a mold release spraying spray equipment.
By the automation by robot, mold release by spray nozzle made by us and mixed air outside, realization of improvement of both operation quality and maintenance quality capability of dealing with both water soluble mold release and oil-based mold release.

Aluminium die-casting machine mold release supplying equipment

This is a equipment to supply mold release automatically with mold release spraying equipment.
A pressure-based equipment to supply mold release with constant, adopting the pressurization way without using pump, without pulsation.

Aluminium die-casting machine taking out products, inserting metal fittings equipment

Factory automation by robot hand.
We are capable of dealing with robot development and design in accordance with complex functions in consideration of factory layout, product processing.

  • Robot hand for taking out products

    We have a wide range of line-up from small size, middle, and large size. Designing and manufacturing of order-made is possible accordingly with customer’s needs.

  • Metal fittings inserting equipment

    Designing and manufacturing of order-made is possible accordingly with customer’s needs in the clamp structure of metal fittings, molding.

Aluminium die-casting machine after-process automation equipment (for secondary process)

Aluminium die-casting machine ingate automatic cutting, breaking weir equipment

We are capable of designing auto-cutting of ingate and sprue runner equipment in consideration of product figure and process. Linking to pre-process and peripheral equipment is possible.

  • Hacksaw style ingate cutting equipment

    Separating product ingate and vacuum runner by sintered carbide chipsaw.

    See examples

  • Vibrating style ingate weir breaking equipment

    Direct loader way, robot way are line-upped.
    One unit can cope with many models.

    See examples

Aluminium die-casting machine automation equipment for other after process.

We are making proposal of automation equipment of various after-process operation.
Linking to pre-process and existing equipment is possible.

  • Automatic cored pin-breaking confirming equipment

    Confirming the break of cored pin.
    Special design and manufacturing accordingly to customer’s request.

  • Ng piece automatic piercing machine

    Using the signal of casting conditions of die-casting machine, hole-processing of NG judgement product is made against no-good product of casting conditions.

  • Automatic pre-heating equipment

    Pre-heating is made before inserting filler metal to a metal mold.

  • Parts automatic cooling conveyor

    This is an cooling conveyor of products after pouring.
    We are capable of making designs accordingly with customer’s request such as product size, and number of stocks.

  • Inserting automatic supplying equipment

    This is a equipment for filler metals to be inserted in metal molds is conveyed and set at metal fittings inserting machine.
    Inspection equipment for filler metal itself combined with automatic pre-heating equipment is possibly made at the request of customer’s request.

  • Product automatic cooling equipment

    Using water tank and water shower, water-cooking molded products after pouring.
    Designing and manufacturing is possible accordingly with product figures.

  • Automatic trimming equipment by robot

    This is an equipment to trim the product by robot with trimming tools.
    Design and manufacturing of carious tools and peripheral equipment is possibly made accordingly with products figures.

  • Shot blasting automation of bring in/out of work.

    Design and manufacturing is made accordingly with work-bring in/out equipment matched with product figures in shot blasting.

  • Automatic sealing equipment (laser type, various pen types.)

    Design, manufacturing and control for the equipment built in with n instruments to put on a seal such as numbers and two-dimensional code to manage products reading equipment for sealed two-dimensional code can be incorporated to system.

To customers
Sanmei Mechanical Inc. is good with a large variety of design and introduction results of robot hand equipped with complex function combined with the above-mentioned.

Please feel free to enquire.To enquire page.

Business Outline

Developing area Japanese, Korea, China, India, Indonesia, America and Mexico.
Robot, mold release spraying equipment (by the combination of outer mixing of the mold release and our original atmac nozzle, we are capable of developing the exquisite equipment with easy-maintenance by stopping the coagulation of the materials.

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