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Casting Plant Automation System

Dealing with casting plant automation business accumulation of more than 50 years results and know-how. We are capable of coping with various needs with the core technology of materials pouring-equipment and robot-control.
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The reasons why customers to choose Sanmei Mechanical Inc.

1.Proposal to optimize the total system of casting line

A consistent production in our factory from design to manufacturing.
A consistent proposal is available with the accumulation of various necessary know-how for casting plant automation from materials scaling to transfer,and pouring to melting furnace.

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2.Introduction results and evaluation in/out of domestic market

Development in wide range area from Korea, China in Asia area to North America.
We are capable to make the optimum proposal to various lines with more than 50 years results and know-how in casting business.

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3.Capability to deal with the automation in existing line and version-up

No limit to brand (maker)&version-up in linking melting furnace/various equipment.
Realization of version-up with efficiency and easy maintenance making the best use of existing line by full-order-made proposal.
Capability to cope with casting plant of various size and specification from large size to small size.

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4.Equipment proposal to pick up the needs at job site

We are capable of dealing with customer’s detailed requests with prompt by listening to the voices of engineers at job site in addition to motion design for finished products.

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5.Automation of after-processing in melting

Challenging to new technology to cope with other materials except Fe.
Continuing positively to introduce and develop new technology to cope with casting line with total non-manpower, scaling system of alloy and rare metal, satisfying customer’s needs by reducing manpower at production line, quality control and technology improvement.

  • Technology and Business Outline
  • Proposal Case

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