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LCD Production Automation System

Dealing with G10 size in next generation system LCD glass.Automation and optimization of product line by robot technology
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The reasons why customers to choose Sanmei Mechanical Inc.

1.Proposal to optimize the total system in production line

A consistent production within our factory from design to production.
We are capable to make proposals with consistent concept and technology crossing various production processes of products and various special fields(machinery, electricity and robotics).

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2.Introduction results and evaluation in/out of domestic market

Establishment of world standard product (dis-packing and packing of dense packing) in Taiwan.
High-share in market of dis-packing and packing line related to LCD!!
Technology development with patent no other company can match.

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3.Capability to deal with the automation in existing line and version-up

Dealing with many robot makers. We are capable to make high general-purpose proposals with accumulated results and now-how to LCD related automatic line.

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4.Robot teaching to pick up the needs at job site

We are capable of dealing with customer's detailed requests with prompt by listening to the voices of engineers at job site in addition to motion design for finished products.

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5.Capability to deal with G10 LCD glass substrate in next generation

Designing product line to deal with enlarging LCD glass substrate.
Making stable operation with saving-space by automation.

  • Technology and Business Outline
  • Proposal Case

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