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Management Philosophy

Contributing to the society by establishing trust and cooperation of each other through compatibility with function, quality and price satisfying customer’s dreams.

Quality Policy

  1. Supplying products and service satisfying customer’s needs by making full use of our technology.
  2. Eradicating the ng of the quality by improving the effectiveness continously and fullfilling the qms required matters.
  3. Securing the resources needed to excution and improvemnet of our system through speeding-up of improvement of our customer's satisfaction by matching the vector of empolyees and namagement.


President’s Message

President Kazuo Kubota

The strong point of our company is the general system power to promote the automation of manufacturing line by making full use of “mechanical technology” “electrical technology” “robot technology”. Domestically and overseas market, not only flat panel display manufacturing line, casting line, aluminium die-casting line, but at the manufacturing site to promote factory automation, our technology and products have been adopted.

At the time of establishment, we started with the automation of cast plant material supplying equipment and factory automation. Then advancing into die-casting peripheral automation system in accordance with the rapid progress of automobile industry.  And into flat panel display manufacturing automation system corresponding to various fields of LCD glass and mass-production, always foreseeing the times, accumulating our know-how while polishing our technology, having made diversify our business.

Our destination is the only-one position in niche-fields of the big markets. The definition of being only- one is to make segments of targeted market and concentrating on it with having our own technology no one can copy of, and to supply customers with the additional high-value. And establishing sanmei kikou brand.

Our business surroundings keep changing rapidly according with the next generation of LCD glass. Introduction of efficiently automated manufacturing line will be highly required theme domestically or overseas market, we are going to pursuit of measures to changes and of higher growth furthermore by making sure of the growing market and promoting our technology development there.

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Company Outline

Name Sanmei Mechanical Inc.
Establishment April, year 22 of showa( year 3, meiki foundation)
Location Main Office, Factory: 940 Sodeshi-cho Shimizu-ku Shizuoka, Shizuoka 424-0037 JAPAN

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TEL +81-54-366-0088
FAX +81-54-366-0090
Capital jpy10,000,000-
President Kazuo Kubot
Employees 87 persons
Business Outline
Group Company
Sanmei Inc.

Playing a role of information-gathering and technology transmitting-sending out of the group companies thru selling network throughout Japan. Through understanding the customer’s problem accurately, by coordinating development power and technology of group companies, making a presentation to one user by one user big makers have difficulty of.

6-16 Matsubara-cho Shimizu-ku Shizuoka, Shizuoka 424-0825 JAPAN
Tel:+81-54-353-3271 FAX:+81-54-352-1648

Sanmei Electronics Inc.

Playing a center role of products development in pursuit of highly complexed FA technology in terms of electronics fields. And also playing a role of the base of r&d of electronics application to FA and producing new technologies. Leading the advanced technology of highly required electronics furthermore at the top level of the country.

2-2-1 Seikai Shimizu-ku Shizuoka, Shizuoka 424-0924 JAPAN
Tel:+81-54-335-5588 FAX:+81-54-335-5724

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